Top 10+ PPD Pay Per Download Sites/Networks

PPD pay per Download Sites/networks is the place where you get paid for downloads on your uploaded content. There ppd websites pays you according to number of downloads and based on territory from where visitor is downloading the file . There are Two types of PPD  pay per download sites/networks . Pay per single download … Read more

How to Install Plugin & Theme Easily

New to wordpress and got some minor doubts about how to install plugin & theme ? Don’t worry cause this is a simple process and you can follow along as with me below. Install Plugin – Plugins are cool and do help a lot with the work which otherwise is too difficult and complicated. Plugins … Read more

Setup W3 Total Cache Properly within 5 minutes !!!

Increasing website and reducing its load time is necessary to beat down all your competitors, because page speed have significance toward your website’s ranking .To do so you will have to reduce all un-necessary files often know as caches and to do so ,you can install plugins .The most commonly used plugins for clearing cache … Read more

Install and Setup WP Super Cache properly -Tutorial

WP Super Cache is an Awesome plugin to increase your website’s speed by eliminating caches and alot of other factors which are automatically corrected. This plugin is popular because its super easy to make it in use and even a non-geek person can easily set it up.To setup WP Super Cache you can easily follow along … Read more

How To Edit .htaccess File -Use any of these three methods

First, What is .htaccess file ? – The .htaccess file contains directives(instructions) that tell the server how to behave in certain scenarios and directly affect how your website functions. If you have self-hosted website then you definitely should know about how to edit .htaccess file ,as you will need to edit this in various places like while … Read more

Whether To Use A Free Or A Self-hosted Blogging Platform

In the beginning of the blogging the very common question comes in the mind is , should I make my blog on a free or a self-hosted blogging platform . For instance is self-hosted and is free hosting platform . The word free always sounds amusing but there are always some hidden cons … Read more

Blogger Or WordPress , Which One You Should Use ?

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Step-by-step Guide on how to Start a blog -in 15 min

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7 Things to Check Before Buying Used Domain

If you are planing on buying a used domain,these 7 things must Check Before Buying Used Domain as these are essential for getting things done flawlessly and without any fraud or theft. First check whether the domain is fresh or is a used domain . Buying a used domain is no-doubt more beneficial in many aspects … Read more

9 Things Everyone Must Know, Before starting a blog

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